FREE Website Legal Audit

Each business owner is required to have a number of legal documents on their Website.

We will conduct a detailed analysis of your website's legal compliance and will let you know what specific legal documents you are required to implement thereon.

Start now and receive your detailed report within 24 hours.

The first step to making your business legally flawless.

Through this completely informal and non-binding process, we will help you identify your issues and guide you through the steps which will make your online business legally compliant.

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Comply with the Laws

Be legally flawless. Avoid fines, claims and legal disputes and take care what really matters - your business.

Manage Your Risks

Avoid the enormous fines and penalties that may be issued by the EU or local regulators and limit your liabilities.

Build Trust and Increase Sales

Make users feel safe and protected. A recipe that will unquestionably expand your traffic, audience, sales and profits.

Protect Intellectual Property

Take care of your intangibles. Ensure that the time and efforts you put in your online business are not wasted.

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