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A wide range of clauses to choose from. Guaranteed to cover you all.


Required for every Website. And for every e-commerce store.

Law requires every Website to have a Privacy Policy if it is collecting personal data from users. Otherwise you risk paying huge fines. Our Website Privacy Policy Generator will let you choose from a wide range of clauses, so you can be fully covered.

A Privacy Policy is guaranteed to increase the trust of your customers and will ensure you stay in line with your legal obligations. Lege Nova's Privacy Policy Generator is therefore perfect for e-commerce stores.

For all types of mobile and desktop applications.

Because app stores require you to have a Privacy Policy in order to publish your app.

Mobile App Privacy Policy

Mobile Apps

Because the App Store, Google Play & Windows Phone Store require you to have it.

Facebook Apps

Because your Facebook app will not go live if you don't have a Privacy Policy. Create one with our Privacy Policy Generator online.

Desktop Apps

Especially if you collect geo-location, log server files and process the subscription payments.

SaaS Apps

SaaS Apps need to disclose what types of personal information is collected too!


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