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We believe that each client deserves individual attention. That is why we offer you the chance of having a completely FREE, 15 minutes consultation to discuss your business’ legal needs before undertaking any type of work for you.


The easiest way to improve your website legal compliance!

  • Lege Nova offers you the easiest way to avoid all legal risks and costs.
  • We maximize the potential of the online presence of startups and online businesses.
  • Focusing on four main areas of law, we will assist and advise you regardless of the size of your business or project.
  • A computer and internet lawyer may also review your website and advise you on the best legal strategy to implement.

Our Internet Business Lawyers will help you:

  • Comply with the laws. Avoid legal disputes and take care what really matters – your business. Do not underestimate your website legal compliance!
  • Manage your risks. Evade the enormous fines that may be issued by regulators. Limit your liabilities.
  • Protect your Intellectual Property. Ensure that all the time and efforts you put in your business are not wasted;
  • Increase Trust and Sales. Make users feel safe and protected. A recipe that will unquestionably expand your traffic and audience.


*See what some of our many satisfied customers say about us.

  • “An absolute pleasure working with Martin & Co. I can not recommend this guy highly enough. Professional, quick and responsive are some of the words that come to mind when working with Martin. Thank you for your hard work.”

    Yosi A.
    Developer @ Spin Sheds

  • “It was excellent working with Lege Nova. The service was second to none even with a pushed deadline. I’d work with them again and make recommendation to anyone that is considering.”

    Yoana M.
    Founder @ WeTraveLux

  • “Highly personable, excellent communicators, will certainly be working with these guys again! Thanks for doing such a great job :-)”

    James G.
    Video Producer @ ASD Pro Build

  • “Stefan and Martin carefully listened to my questions and provided correct feedback. They gave us additional tips regarding legal questions and carefully wrote our cookie and privacy policy and our terms and service. Great communication, they definitely do what they promise within the time frame requested.”

    Sarah G.
    Head of Marketing @ MeatMaster

  • “Really impressed with the service and will be in touch if I ever need anything again. Been a pleasure to work with Lege Nova. Thank you again”

    Daniel B.
    Co-Founder @ Voltrush

  • “The guys at Lege Nova showed solid commitment, managed to set the right expectations and provided top quality service. Will always recommend for any legal services related to their portfolio.”

    Mihail M.
    Senior Project Manager @ Mobile Wave Solutions



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