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Cookies are small files, stored on visitors’ web browser, which store preferences and browsing patterns, when a visitor is browsing a website. Cookies are mainly used for analysis and measuring visitors’ behaviour.

The EU e-Privacy Directive requires every Website and Mobile app to inform its visitors regarding the use of cookies. Thus, every website that uses Cookies (if you are not sure whether you use Cookies, you most probably do) shall place a notice (usually in the header or footer of the website) that informs its visitors about the use of Cookies.

The notice itself shall include a link to a Cookie Policy – a legal document which gives more information to the users concerning Cookies, what they do and how the users can remove them.


Our simple Cookie Policy Generator will help you create a fully compliant Cookie Policy in less than 2 minutes and will include all mandatory clauses.

What are cookies?

Where are cookies stored, how are they installed on the user’s computer or device and can this actually be restricted.

Personal data.

Whether cookies control personal data, as well as how and to what extent a user can be recognized through cookies.

Types of cookies.

User Session and Fixed Cookies. What is the purpose of each type of Cookies used and why are they necessary.

Controlling Cookies.

How cookies can be used, viewed, controlled, limited or deleted. Control over privacy is everything a user wants.

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